Our People

Our Directors and Senior Associates have  more than 60 years combined experience in organizations ranging from start-ups to well established organizations. Our core competencies are in corporate finance & accounting, strategy development & executions and grant management. Our skills set cuts across industries such as global Private Equity funds (Venture Capital), Hedge Fund Administration, Banking, Financial Assets Management, Renewable Energy, Horticulture, Hotel & Hospitality Management and Human Resource Capacity Building.

Our team is fully conversant with accessing vital tools required to assist enterprises build viable business from A to Z; and apply their passion to transform a client’s idea from an abstract concept to a viable bankable business.

We are guided by our core belief in unlocking the potential of businesses in Africa, by maintaining excellence in our processes while remaining true to the tenets of integrity. In devolving complex business concepts to simple basic blocks we remain faithful to the dreams of our clients.

Our People remain our key asset. We maintain a robust mechanism in our hiring process to bring out the best in the prospect and ensure our clients can continue to benefit from our Organization’s DNA.