Research solutions for informed decision making

Afriscope Research stands at the forefront of research and statistical consulting, supporting corporate and non-profit organisations in achieving efficiency and accurate results.

Our experienced statistical consultants are dedicated to not only delivering outcomes but also ensuring comprehension of the analytical methodologies employed.

We specialize in research design, data collection, and analysis across various domains, including business and market opportunities, financial investment, governance and policy, agriculture, and environment.

We aim to promote evidence-based decision-making processes by providing comprehensive research solutions.

Our Key Data Collection Services include-:

    • High-quality Data Capturing and Collection Services

    • Analysis Utilizing Recent Technologies, including Real-time Digital Mobile Data Collection, capable of preparing diverse research reports

    • Research, Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects

    • Impact Assessment and Outcome Monitoring

    • Market Entry Advisory

    • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment


Elevating research initiatives to drive informed decision making processes

We offer professional research services that cater to both corporate entities and organizations.

Our research initiatives aim to foster capacity development and informed decision-making.

Market Research
We offer actionable insights to drive performance and achieve strategic objectives. With meticulous data collection, integration, and visualisation, we ensure accuracy and reliability in every recommendation.
Investment Research
We empower you to make informed decisions, from precise target audience profiling to detailed consumer journey mapping, and equip you with the knowledge to capitalise on emerging opportunities.
Policy Research
At Afriscope Research, through strategic testing and rigorous evaluation of product usability, pricing sensitivity, and messaging impact, we help you refine your offerings and optimise market positioning.

Drive economic progress and propel business growth

Our services are designed to ensure you have the right strategy and systems which is paramount in driving business growth and meeting your obligations.

You’ll work with qualified specialists committed to delivering an accurate, prompt and valued service.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Afriscope Research assists businesses in understanding the dynamic patterns of consumer behavior, enabling companies to tailor their products or services to meet consumer preferences effectively.

Strategic Decision Making

Market surveys conducted by Afriscope Research provide valuable data for strategic planning, ensuring that businesses allocate resources effectively and pursue opportunities with the highest growth potential.

Product Development and Innovation

Afriscope Research helps identify market gaps, assess consumer needs, and refine existing offerings or develop new ones that align with the evolving preferences of consumers.

Competitor Analysis

Afriscope Research provides thorough competitor analysis, helping companies identify strengths and weaknesses and formulate strategies for gaining a competitive edge.

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Readable, Usable & Scalable solutions

If you need prompt and effective research and opinions on your organisation's performance, business models, structures, limitations, and requirements.

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